power electronics

Modern conditions dictate specific requirements for reliability, security and energy efficiency of rail systems, energy and production facilities. Achievement of these requirements is done, on the one hand, by the best choice of optimal technical solutions in the design of power systems, on the other hand, by the choice of high-quality components for their construction. Products of our partners all such criteria that distinguish innovative products demanded by the market of components for power electronics.

Dynex Semiconductors

Dynex IGBT

Dynex IGBT

Dynex Semiconductors Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of power semiconductor devices. Dynex also offers coolers, pressure devices and ready assemblies. Key products of Dynex:

  • IGBT and FRD modules in standard housings for voltages: 1200V, 1700V, 3300V, 4500V, 6500V;
  • Thyristors and diodes in clamped housings for voltages from 400V for 9kW.


Amantys was founded in 2010 by former workers of the world famous ARM company. R&D department is located in Cambridge, UK. The goal of Amantys in power electronics is to develop of a new approach to energy in power switching applications and simplify integration of discrete semiconductor devices and IGBT in applications of medium and high voltages, such as:

  • Power transmission and distribution;
  • UPS;
  • Power drives;
  • Renewable energy sources.
Amantys IGBT Driver

Amantys IGBT Driver

Amantys Power Drive ™ (photo) for 1.2, 1.7 and 3.3kW IGBT modules is a typical Amantys product. This IGBT driver is compatible with many IGBT modules of different manufacturers without the need of major changes in the circuitry and has a number of other significant useful features:

  • Quick start and return;
  • Lower power consumption in the idle mode (no-load);
  • Reduced self-heating results in a longer operation cycle;
  • No overhanging reduces the risk of damage during installation;
  • Built-in isolated power supply;
  • Isolation of the operating power of 3kW has been tested at the level of 14kW;
  • Full compliance with industrial and transportation safety standards and partly electrostatic standards;
  • Compatible with Amantys Power Insight ™.

Amantys Power Insight™ is a new software platform for monitoring and control of an IGBT module status.  The main areas of application:

  • Locomotive traction;
  • Power drives;
  • Invertors of wind generators;
  • DC transmission lines.


Danotherm ALPHA

Danotherm ALPHA

Danotherm is a recognized leader in the development and production of power resistive components. Danotherm provides its customers with thermal models for all manufactured resistors, which helps to make the right choice of a product necessary for a specific system. Contract development and production of power resistors and resistor assemblies with custom technical requirements is available to customers. The main areas of application of Danotherm power resistors :

  • Railway transport
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles;
  • Pumps;
  • Oil and gas production;
  • Elevators;
  • Alternative sources of energy (wind generators).

The main series of Danotherm power resistors:

  • Braking resistors ALPHA in aluminum casing, capacity from 30W to 6 kW, pulse load up to 300 kW;
  • Braking resistors with slatted diffuser (natural or forced air cooling) capacity from 5kW to xxMW;
  • Wire brake resistors SIGMA power from 10W to 5kW, pulse load up to 50 kW;
  • Braking resistors in steel pipes OHMEGA, liquid or oil cooling, capacity from 100W to 500 kW (for water cooling).

High-power AVX-TPC capacitors for power applications



Film capacitors manufactured by TPC, which since 1998 has been a part of the AVX Corporation (www.avx.com), are distinguished for original manufacturing technology and high reliability. Due to guaranteed high quality of these capacitors among their constant customers there are such world-famous manufacturers of power electronics, as Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, APC, ABB, Power Inverter, etc. Since the start of production of power capacitors in 1988 with FIM technology (technology of controlled self-healing), and up to this day there has never been a single case of a catastrophic failure of TPC capacitor. FIM technology is based on application of polypropylene film (polypropylene Film), impregnation with vegetable oil and aluminum metallization, which provides unparalleled reliability and high energy density. Four series of powerful capacitors are produced with FIM technology: CAPAFIM, TRAFIM, FILFIM and DISFIM. The first three series are used in filters, DC, and have the following key features:

  • CAPAFIM (capacity 610-16200μF, operating voltage 1.2 kV - 3.9 kV);
  • TRAFIM (capacity 610-16100μF,, operating voltage 1.2 kV - 6.0 kV);
  • FILFIM (capacity 2.6-612μF, operating voltage 6.5 kV - 100kV).

Capacitors of these series meet requirements of the following industrial standards:

  •  IEC61701 capacitors for power electronics
  • IEC61881 capacitors for power electronics, railways, rolling stock
  • IEC61373 use in railways, rolling stock, shock and vibration resistance
  • IEC60060 environmental protection
  • NFF16-101 rolling stock, fire safety
  • NFF16-102 rolling stock, fire safety

High-power capacitors are basically used in the following areas:

  • DC filters for various applications
  • High-voltage DC transmission networks
  • High-power DC power supply
  • Power drives and converters for transport;
  • Wind generators and substations, etc.

Besides the standard СAPAFIM, TRAFIM and FILFIM series we can also offer design and production of special capacitors according to custom electrical, thermal and mechanical specifications. The fourth DISFIM series of capacitors is produced with FIM technology and is ideal for applications that involve storage and discharge of energy. Main parameters of the DISFIM series:

  • Voltage from 2kV to 75kV;
  • The maximum amount of energy at 150kJ;
  • Volumetric energy density up to 2000kJ / liter;
  • Operation cycle of up to ten million of discharges;
  • Parasitic inductance from 50nH to 500nH.

Main areas of applications:

  • Powerful laser systems;
  • High voltage power sources;
  • Detection of cable damage;
  • EM and ETC weapons;
  • Pulsed high voltage generators;
  • Powerful welders.

In most cases discharge capacitors of the DISFIM series are produced according to specific requirements of customers.