Emc Electronics GmbH focuses on the following major fields:

Fischer Connectors UltiMate Series

Fischer Connectors UltiMate Series

We advise our customers to use in their new designs components that not only provide the best technical characteristics, but also have the best economic indicators for use in specific applications. Our company is not limited by the specified categories. Our technical team is always ready to offer optimal solutions for any application. However, we highlight some products that we believe to be market leaders and that are considered to be successful technical solutions. Among such products are sealed connectors and cable assemblies Fischer Connectors. Key features of Core Series and UltiMate Series:

  • IP68 ... IP69K;
  • Number of mating cycles: 10,000;
  • Resistance to aggressive environments (oil, acid, radiation);
  • Operating temperature: from -55C;
  • Shielding provides excellent resistance to EM interference;;
  • PUSH-PULL™ latch provides quick connection/disconnection and secure fixing.

For applications associated with illumination of buildings and architectural lighting we should like to recommend Acrich2 LED manufactured by Seuol Semiconductor. Distinctive features of the LED module Acrich2 include:

  • Powered by AC 110/220/230V;
  • Resource up to 50,000 hours;
  • High efficiency;
  • Low power consumption.
  • The range of LED modules Acrich2 consists of four types: 4W, 8W, 12W, 16W.


TPC (division of AVX) is an unbeatable leader among companies manufacturing capacitors for power electronics. High-power TPC capacitors are basically used in the following areas:

  • DC filters for various applications;
  • High-voltage DC transmission networks;
  • High-power DC power supply;
  • Power drives and converters for transport;
  • Wind power generators and substations, etc.

Capacitors of CAPAFIM, TRAFIM, and FILFIM series meet requirements of the following industrial standards:

  • IEC61701 capacitors for power electronics;
  • IEC61881 capacitors for power electronics, railways, rolling stock;
  • IEC61373 use in railways, rolling stock, shock and vibration resistance;
  • IEC60060 environmental protection;
  • NFF16-101 rolling stock, fire safety;
  • NFF16-102 rolling stock, fire safety.

Moreover, TPC company also produces special capacitors according to individual customer specifications. We would like to highlight the terminal module SmartEye, which is used in the field of wireless technology and is based on UBLOX modules LEA6N and LEON100.

  • Positioning system GLONASS or GPS;
  • GSM/2G telemetry, support of InBand modem;
  • Power supply: 5V;
  • Dimensions: 64×38×6;
  • Operating temperature: from –40 to +85 °C.


Another interesting solution for radio frequency identification is the embedded RFID reader with USB/RS232/RS485 interfaces, which supports 4 SAM modules of AV2 type and has an external antenna produced by MicroEM. Features:

  • Supports standards: ISO14443, Mifare Plus, Ultralight C;
  • Supports 4 SAM modules of AV2 type;
  • Operating distance of 8 cm;
  • Interfaces USB/RS232/RS485/UART;
  • Supports Win 2000/XP/CE/7;
  • AES128 secure connection to the host;
  • External antenna.