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Welcome to the website of Emc Electronics GmbH, distributor of electronic components in Eastern Europe, CIS and Baltic countries. Since 2006 our company has been providing distribution and supplies of electronic components for such applications as industrial and power electronics, wireless technologies and positioning systems, LED lighting and optoelectronics.

Principles of our work are based on partnership and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and suppliers. We provide consulting and distribution services at all stages of a project, from prototyping and selection of component base to the start-up and mass production. We work with projects of any size and complexity.

Our business model and ability to attract resources of highly skilled professionals enable us to offer our customers the best technical solutions, ensuring minimal cost and price.

Emc Electronics has its own R&D department and a team of highly skilled professionals, which enables us to provide our customers with custom design and manufacture of finished products and modules.

At our website you can find a lot of information about our main directions of electronic components supply. You can use the menu on the right or the search box to navigate through the website. More details about the main areas of our work are available in the Products section. The map on the Contacts page should help you find the best route to our office.

We are looking for good relationship and cooperation!

Emc Electronics Team