our partners

Amantys (www.amantys.com). The company was founded in 2010 in Cambridge, UK by former employees of ARM. The main activity is the development of innovative products for use in power electronics: in transmission lines of high voltage direct current, uninterrupted power supplies, drives and converters.

AVX (www.avx.com). AVX Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of electronic components. The range of manufactured products includes tantalum, ceramic and film capacitors of different types, inductive and resistive components, various types of filters, connectors, and high-frequency components.

Dynex Semiconductor (www.dynexsemi.com). Company Dynex Semiconductor (UK) develops and manufactures various types of power semiconductors (IGBT modules, diodes, thyristors and power assemblies). Main applications: systems of power generation and transmission, induction furnaces, power drives of various types, including rail and sea.

E-T-A (www.e-t-a.com). E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH (Altdorf, Germany) more than for sixty years has been successfully operating in the market of products for protection of electrical equipment. Circuit breakers, protection devices, relays and complementary complex solutions.

Electronics Co., Ltd. founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan. Everlight manufactures LEDs and LED assemblies, infrared LEDs, optocouplers, and LED digital displays for a wide range of applications.

Industrifil (www.industrifil.com). Company Industrifil (France) produces tiny wires and cables of various types for use in scientific equipment, test and measurement equipment, medical and military applications.

Fischer Connectors (www.fischerconnectors.com). Connectors of Fischer Connectors (Switzerland), known throughout the world for their reliability and precise manufacturing, are used in applications where operating conditions do not accept compromises: for medical equipment, test and measurement, broadcasting, telecommunications and military applications.

Kyocera Display (www.kyocera-display.com). Kyocera Display company has been working in the market of liquid crystal displays for industrial applications since 1976, the main customers are manufacturers of portable display terminal devices in medicine, industry and telecommunications. For this reason, the duration of the production of one model display at Kyocera Display often lasts up to 5 years.

Littelfuse (www.littelfuse.com). The core business of the company Littelfuse (USA) is the development and manufacture of electronic components for protection of electrical devices, such as fuses of various types, thyristors, varistors, TVS diodes (cupressory), protective relays, electromechanical and solid-state switches, etc.

Nichicon (www.nichicon.com). Since 1950, Nichicon Corporation of Japan is best known as a manufacturer of high quality electrolytic capacitors of different types. But along with them Nichicon also produces outlet film capacitors and thermistors.

NVS Techologies (www.nvs-gnss.com). NVS Technologies develops and produces navigation modules GLONASS / GPS / GALILEO / COMPASS / SBAS for the European and South American markets.

ODU (www.odu.de). The well-known German manufacturer of industrial connectors. Company ODU is well-positioned in the markets of testing equipment, medical equipment, lifting and handling equipment, testing systems in machinery and equipment.

Seiko Instruments (www.seiko-instruments.de). Seiko Instruments Inc. is a leading manufacturer of thermal printer mechanisms in the world. Guarantee of success in the markets of medical and commercial equipment, medical and measuring equipment of the highest quality, guaranteed reliability, competitive price and quiet operation of thermal printer mechanisms of Seiko Instruments.

Seoul Semiconductor (www.seoulsemicon.com). South Korea's Seoul Semiconductor is among the top five manufacturers of LEDs and LED modules that are used for lighting or illumination. The company is known for its innovative products, such as modules Acrich2, which can run without the driver directly from 230V.

Sierra Wireless (www.sierrawireless.com). In August 2012 the company Sierra Wireless, a global leader in wireless technology, had acquired the Sagemcom M2M (machine-to-machine), known for its 2G/3G modems (series HiLo) and GSM-R terminals (series TiGR) for harsh operating conditions in road and rail projects, system metering and security of payment applications.

Sunny Electronics Corp. (www.sunny.co.kr). South Korean corporation Sunny Electronics, founded in 1966, is a world leader in the manufacture of frequency setting components. The company manufactures the full possible range of frequency generators, ranging from simple quartz to high-precision voltage-controlled resonators (VCG).