led lighting

In the emerging LED lighting market  our company follows the two main principles:

  • We offer our partners both separate components and ready-made solutions for LED lighting;
  • We offer only products with the best technical characteristics in the market

Based on these principles and experience of our R&D department we choose only those components and solutions that enable our customers to produce the end product with supreme technical characteristics and competitive economic performance.

Our long-term relations with manufacturers and our logistic service ensure optimal pricing and stable supply of our goods.

Among the whole range of products manufactured by our partners we would like to distinguish the following ones:

LED Module Acrich 2 by Seoul Semiconductors

Seoul Semiconductor Acrich 2

Seoul Semiconductor Acrich 2

LED module Acrich 2 successfully took the leadership of its forerunner Acrich in the world of semiconductor lighting solutions that are connected directly to AC power without an intermediate converter. As the result Acrich 2 can be used in any applications with AC power. In comparison to its forerunner efficiency of Acrich 2 is 90 percent higher with Cp of up to 97 percent. Key features of Acrich 2 LED module:

  • Works directly from AC power 110/220/230V;
  • Operation cycle up to 50’000 hours;
  • High efficiency;
  • Low power consumption.

Acrich2 LED series consists of four models: 4W, 8W, 12W, 16W.

STW8Q14BE LED by Seoul Semiconductors

Seoul Semiconductor STW8Q14BE

Seoul Semiconductor STW8Q14BE

STW8Q14BE LED from TopView series has perfect technical characteristics accompanied by a competitive price.  Basic areas of application:

  • Indoor lighting;
  • General lighting;
  • Indoor and outdoor displays;
  • Architectural and design illumination.

SSL - Discrete Wire Installation Displacement Connectors – AVX Series 9176

Elco 9176 Series

Elco 9176 Series

Miniature and robust surface mount Series 9176 manufactured by Elco (AVX) is a "wire-to-board" installation displacement connector. Series 9176  connectors are designed to meet the harsh automotive and industrial market applications for connecting individual wires directly to a PCB. These connectors enable cost-effective and reliable connection of individual wires to LED modules (for example, LED modules on aluminum PCB) without soldering. The 9176 series accepts  18 AWG to 24 AWG wires with an insulation diameter ranging from 1.1mm to 2.1mm.

LED Module UEM L21-520-0,35A


  • Office lighting;
  • Illuminated advertising;
  • Architectural and design lighting.


This module is powered with current of 350 mA or 390 mA. LEDs are divided into three parallel groups, each group is a series of 7 LEDs. A set of the 4 modules is powered with one IPS 50-350T-2K driver (four lines are connected in series, each group of LEDs is powered with 116.8 mA), or with one IPS 50-350TR-2K driver (four modules are connected in series, each group of LEDs is powered with 130 mA).

Specifications of LED modules:

  • Number of LEDs: 21;
  • Luminous flux: 850/950LM;
  • Power consumption: 8.1 @ 0.35 A / 9.2 @ 0.35 A;
  • Output current of the driver, mA: 350/390;
  • Current per one LED, mA: 116.7 / 130;
  • Voltage per one module, V: 23.5 / 24;
  • CRI: 80;
  • Dimensions, mm: 520 x 15 x 3.